Hi all, pls help me to understand it

  1. How can Graylog collect, index, and analyze activities within Microsoft Navision that stored in the SQL server?
  2. On top of those questioned above, what other features does Graylog has? (Explore to utilize the benefits of Graylog upon having it installed.

Check graylog webpage, there are lots of feature description:

Check also documentation:

The best way to expore all of graylog great features is to install it. The easiest way is propably download prepared VM with graylog and run it in your virtualization software like VirtualBox.

but i can’t find any resource about question 1, pls help me, I need an answer

Unfortunately, graylog directly couldn’t ingest directly from SQL server database, but there is one option:

Try to look for logstash and input plugin jdbc, it support connection to sql databases. Than send output of logstash to graylog for index and analyze.

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