Try to remove brackets from string


from the example string below, im trying tor replace the brackets and the number between these bracktes with a dot (.). I used a pipline rule for this.

example String: “(10)nexusrules(10)officeapps(4)live(3)com(0)”

I currently tried it with this code:
let updatedAddress = replace(to_string($message.originalAddress), “(\()”, “.”);

Im not familiar with regex, so hopefully anybody can help me. If you had a better idea to accomplish this task, fell free to share it with me.

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Hey @Chris_1

What kind of device is this sending logs?


the logs coming from windows dns server with filebeat agent.

i dont know if this helpful, but… the value for the field (message.originalAddress) is extracted by a input extractor with the grok pattern “%{GREEDYDATA:originalAddress}”.

i found a solution…

String to format: (7)catalog(8)gamepass(3)com(0)
String after format:

  rule "Rule1"



  let transformed_message = regex_replace("\\(\\d+\\)", to_string($message.requested_address), ".");  //replace all numbers between the brackets and the brackets itself with a dot 
  let transformed_message = regex_replace("\\A.", to_string(transformed_message), "");                //remove the first sign of the string   
  let transformed_message = regex_replace(".{1}\\z", to_string(transformed_message), "");             //remove the last sing of the string
  set_field("requested_address", transformed_message);



Oh nice, beat me to it :laughing:

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