To_ip() function doesn't seem to work in 2.3


Hi, I’ve used Graylog 2.2 for several months and I’ve just updated to 2.3 (new installation). However, some of the pipelines that I’ve used until now no longer works. After some debugging I found out that the to_ip() function seems to not work properly anymore and the logs can’t be parsed. These are the lines of code involved (I’m using to_string() as a workaround):

let m = split(",", to_string($message.message));
//set_field(“src_ip”, to_ip(m[3]));
set_field(“src_ip”, to_string(m[3], “”));

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Do you have a specific example of an IP address that doesn’t work with the to_ip() function in Graylog 2.3.0?

We didn’t change anything regarding the to_ip() function in Graylog 2.3.0, so the problem might be rooted in another issue.

For reference, here are the test cases for the to_ip() function:

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