Td-agent forwader to td-agent aggregator not working

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New to this forum. My use case is, I am running services on AWS - ECS (FARGATE) and need to ship the logs to graylog. I have achieved this by using “awsfirelense” log-driver.
How the set-up work is - the application task in ECS runs with two containers one is application container alongwith sidecar (The sidecar is aws provided fluent-bit container) the config send the log to a centralised task running on another FARGATE cluster , this task runs fluentd (td-agent) as a aggregator which ships the logs to graylog server.
I need to replace the sidecar fluent-bit(td-agent-bit) container with fluentd and tried serveral options in config as in type @unix and @type forward.
The fluentd is not sending the logs to aggregator at all, If someone has already achieved this before could you guide me on this , please.



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