System notification on failed or inactive sidecar, how to enable?

I saw that we finally have reporting on failed winlogbeat’s and sidecars. I read up on the thread here but it’s not all to clear on how to activate this in a 5.2 that’s been upgraded over the years from 3.x or if it was from 4.x.

I tried to manually fail one of our winlogbeats but I do not get an error in the ‘all system events stream’. I’m probably missing something silly here. Have any one gotten that one to work properly and maybe even configured email alerts based on a failed sidecar?

cheers and thanks

When I read here it sounds like the default behavior would be to report on these errors. Since I don’t have that line and with that no excluded types in my config I’d assume I would see failed sidecars in ‘all system events’ stream…? :thinking:

# Comma-separated list of notifcation types which should not emit a system event.
# Default: SIDECAR_STATUS_UNKNOWN which would create a new event whenever the status of a sidecar becomes "Unknown"
#system_event_excluded_types = SIDECAR_STATUS_UNKNOWN


Bu chance did you look into the other streams for anything that would poit ot sidecar inactive?

I did poke around but couldn’t find it. Have you found it?

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