Syslog Transfer from CentOS

It is set to transfer syslog from CentOS7 and receive it with Graylog.
“Syslog UDP” is set from “system” ⇒ “input”.
I made the forwarding settings in rsyslog.conf of CentOS, but the log was not displayed immediately in Search of Graylogm.
After a few hours, the logs are now visible.

Is there any necessary setting to display the log transferred from CentOS immediately?

Also, past logs appear to be delayed instead of real-time notifications.

Be sure time zone is set correctly on both, CentOS and Graylog

thank you

The time zones are the same.
I temporarily stopped the log transfer from CentOS, but it continues to appear on Graylog.
From this, isn’t the accumulated log displayed with a delay instead of the log being output in real time? I think.

When transferred to another server (CenrOS), it is displayed in real time
I think it’s a Graylog issue.

If the time zone is the same, it was transferred in real time.

Thank you very much.

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