String field in Netflow input being imported as hex

Good morning!

I’m using nProbe to gather and send Netflow v9 flow captures to Graylog’s netflow input.
One of the fields I’ve enabled is the L7 protocol name, which is a 16-character string.

However, the Netflow input appears to be converting the string to a hex representation rather than showing the string. And as far as I can see from searching, there isn’t any sort of converter to change the hex sequence back to the original string?

Any thoughts on how I could either convert it to a string, or stop it from being stored as a hex sequence in the first place?

As an example (these aren’t from the same packet so the string isn’t the same). Wireshark decodes the netflow packet to include:

Field (15/15): L7_PROTO_NAME
Type: L7_PROTO_NAME (57591)
Length: 16
Layer 7 protocol name: SSL_No_Cert.Sky

… and the netflow input parses and stores it:


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