Streams regular expression on timestamp


I already post on the forum last months because I started with Graylog. Thanks to some of people here I succeeded to set up an infrastrucutre that my company (for few months because i’m in traineeship) use.

I will make a presentation soon of what I did but I would like to show a little more things such as regular expression that we can use. But I never used regex before. But I really want to set up one in a stream to stand out messages of the night when doors of the company are closed.


I want to take the field “timestamp” and say that for any date i will just take hour values (here “12:35:54”) but just keep messages where hour display is between 18:00:00 and 09:00:00.

Is it possible with regular expression ? I guess yes and if someone can lead me it will be great

Thanks a lot

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