Stream rules with logical OR AND

I am trying to match regular expression with logical OR for value expression but it does not work.
Any ideas?

Hello OR is not a valid regex. Try (30|31)

See to test the expressions

Thanks for answering
unfortunately (30|31) didn’t work

It seems that when i load a message id and test the rules it works but on realtime log streaming it does not work

I have a pipeline rule:

rule “split_timestamp”
let ts_second = $message.timestamp.secondOfMinute;

and then on stream rules i have message expression for field second (30|31)

on test it works but on realtime stream it does not.

what is your processing order? When you match a field in the stream rule that is created in the processing pipelines - that might run after the stream rules, it will not match.

You should use the pipeline routing or change the processing order.

Message Processors Configuration:

Pipeline Processor
Message Filter Chain
GeoIP Resolver

I stopped to battle against that. I’m doing the routing directly inside the pipeline, at least it’s clear where it’s done.

Ok thanks,
I follow your advice and i think i have done my job

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