Stream Rule *wildcard

Hello graylog,

I’m trying to create a Stream rule with the following settings.
level:<4 AND identity:*_qa

I can display the “Field level must match exactly 4” if I try and show the “identity:*_qa” with regx it doesn’t display the servers in the stream.

"*_qa" is not a valid regular expression. Maybe you mean "^.*_qa"?

For reference:

FWIW, I find it quite egoistic to ask the same question in multiple communities (nothing wrong with that per se) and then not sharing links to the discussions (very wrong).

My apologies I’ll do that next time.

Still doesn’t work any ideas?

While it’s a valid regular expression now, you’ve copy & pasted too much. :wink:

You can try out regular expressions online at

(Hint: The double quotes and the question mark were part of the sentence, not of the regular expression)

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Hehe, I see it now thank you for your help. You’ve been wonderful! Again I’m sorry I’m not trying to be egoistic.

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