Source shown is "localhost" and not hostname


Noob question, but have added 3 sources to my graylog.
Works great, but source is shown as “localhost” and not the hostname.
How do I change this?
Looking at “/etc/hosts” it looks the same way as another machine that is shown in source as it should, with computer name.
Ubuntu machines.

Please advice, and sorry for the low level question, but its annoying for me :slight_smile:



Have you checked it on the client side. eg.: cat /etc/hostname or hostname


@graylog-server:/etc$ cat hostname

@graylog-server:/etc$ hostname

Looks the same way, but another name of cource, on another machine that displays “correct” name in sources.

Just for clarification, you have a single Graylog instance, and 3 different sources sending their logs to Graylog. None of the sources are hosted on the same Graylog instance, and the logs that are appearing in Graylog are actually from another instance and not from the local logs, yet are appearing as if they are being sent from the Graylog instance itself?

My bad.
Had the hostnames set incorrectly.
Solved by editing the hostname and host-file.

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