Sorting by number fields Not Working

When firewall logs come in, I use an API call to pull in an IP Abuse Score (0-100). I am trying to build a dashboard to list the destination IPs and their score, sorted on their IP Abuse Score. i.e., put the IP with the highest score at the top, lowest score at the bottom of the list.

I have the widget created, and I have set it to sort on the IP Score in descending order. However, it is not treating the field as a number in the way it sorts. What I mean is; it puts anything that starts with a 9 first, then 8, then 7 and so on.

I end up with a list sorted as such, as an example:

Is there something special I need to do to get Graylog to treat the field values as true numbers in its sort?

Thank You…

Sound like it’s storing it as text not a number. If you click the field name what field type does it say at the very top of that pop up menu?

Looks like it is seeing it as a number.

It shows:

Possibly this field changed data types within the time range you are querying.
Please try this:

  • manually rotate the related index
  • scope the query to messages that came in after rotating

Does the sorting problem still exist?

I rotated the index this morning, shortened the time range, but the problem still persists.

What version of Graylog and Elastic/OpenSearch are you running?

This is a new install from about a week and half ago.

Versions Installed:
Graylog Server : 5.2.3-1
opensearch : 2.11.1
MongoDB : 6.0.12

I am beginning to suspect a bug, since this is the second report.
I have filed an issue and am following up with developers. Stay tuned.

I believe you are running into a limitation of the table widget: If you group numeric and non-numeric fields, then you cannot sort those columns numerically.
The workaround is to not group the numeric column you wish to sort on.
We’ve added a work item to improve this.

I do not believe that is it. I just modified the data table so that the only thing being reported is the field in question and the sort is still not working.
Here is what I have:

Right - I can reproduce it myself now. Sure looks like a bug. We’ll investigate it - should have a pretty high priority. Thanks for reporting.

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