SNMP Trap configuartion

Hello guys I need your help…
I installed SNMP Trap plugin and I am able t receive test traps but I get nothing from the printers…
(we try to get the ink levels)
can someone explain to me how this whole thing works? (never used it like this before)
As far as I know you have to send a request to the printer ?!
If thats right then were do I configure what kind of information I want to know and how often I send the message …?

SNMP get and trap is different ways! (get - ask the devide, trap - sends data when it triggered)

you can ask the printer’s ink level, but (if you set, and it is possible, etc…) it will sends the ink level only it reached a report/warning level.


Ok and what are MIBs ? I get some data now but only different ouid … How can I define which traps i want to receive…

need some basic information how graylog handle this

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