SNMP plug-in decoding of Cisco TRAPs

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been using the SNMP plug-in for some time. I’m getting SNMP traps just fine. However the decoding of Cisco traps doesn’t appear to work correctly for some events. For others (such as interface changing status) the traps are decoded just fine. I’ve loaded the Cisco mibs of course.

Here’s for example a trap which a Catalyst switch triggers when a telnet connection is originated from within the console. One can clearly see the IPs embedded in what the plug-in sees as an OIDs but somehow it appends the payload data to the OID:

The source of this example trap is WS-C3560-48PS 12.2(35)SE5 C3560-IPBASE-M

Will appreciate any ideas and guidance on this issue!
Thank you