Sidecar use case query


I have hopefully a simple question about what the purpose and use case for Sidecar.

From what I have read, it is to manage log collection on a remote device that is not the Graylog server itself.
If so, then the use case really seams to be the management of the configuraiton on that remote device.

For example, I have a need to log windows events from a farm of 100+ servers.
I can install NXLog on each with a configuration that sends logs to a Graylog input, without the use of a Sidecar.
Alternatively, I can install NXLog and GrayLog sidecar on each server, and manage the configuration of each of those servers from the Graylog central web form, rather than having to change the config files on each device.

Is there something fundamental that I am missing ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance / direction.

Kind regards

you nailed it.

The sidecar can be used to manage collector configurations.

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