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I have installed sidecar on a windows computer, no problem. Created Beats input its running. Configured the sidecar Collector assigned the collector. The Graylog collector sidecar service is running on the windows computer. The problem is I have to run the file Graylog-sidecar.exe before I get any logs and if I close the command window the sidecar goes inactive in Graylogs. When I close the command window and the sidecar goes inactive the Graylog sidecar service is still running. Why do I have to keep the command window open to keep the logs flowing to Graylogs? I’m I starting the wrong service or starting it wrong?

He Bobby,

you need to register the service like written in the documentation.

Thanks, Jan
I used these two documents:,
When I installed “graylog_sidecar_installer_1.0.0-1.exe” I found the Graylog Collector sidecar service in services so I thought I was finished with that section. I ran the Service install and service start at the command line and I now have a new service. “Graylog Sidecar”. I Have a few more question. I looked at the Sidecar.yml, Do I still need the service install in the yml file and where do the start and install lines go in yml file. can i just place them at the bottom?

the .yml holds the configuration - you do not need to place a service install command in that. In addition the start of the service would fail if you do so.

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