Show Elasticsearch query string

Before the major UI makeover it was possible to see the Elasticsearch query string. In the new Graylog UI this feature is gone - or at least I am not able to find it.

Will this be added again in future versions? I found this super useful.

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Hey @hangstl, I don’t see a way to do it in the web interface, but we’re able to see queries because we are routing Graylog logs back into Graylog with careful configuration to ensure we don’t create a storm. In that way we are able to view queries by searching for the log message containing the record of the query.

Not ideal, but a possible solution if you’re open to setting it up. We just configured rsyslog and forwarded the Graylog audit log files back into Graylog from the host.

But why was there such a feature in Graylog up until version 3.2.x?

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Suggest to create GitHub issue, I will upvote it. Make Graylog great again!

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