Setup SNMP Trap


Recently, i tried to configure SNMP at Graylog using the add-on available at marketplace.

As per the instructions, i did install snmp and tested the same at my Ubuntu server by using snmpwalk, i can able to receive messages.

I’m trying to get log from my HP core switch and Firewall, when i create an input at graylog the input starts perfectly, but it is not receiving any logs from that input.

I even tried to change the snmp port to 1620 at my firewall, where i cant change the port setting is HP switch, still the input couldn’t receive the messages.

I use the default community string as public, can someone please help me on this.

My snmpd.conf setting below.

rwcommunity public
syslocation "India DC"
syscontact “Ashwath Kumar”

Thank you
Ashwath kumar R

Any one?? Requesting your help

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