Set up the Graylog server gateway slow down the GUI

Hi dear community!

I’ve been installing graylog system on our production environnement recently but I met a problem that I met on the development plateform.
Actually, I’m gathering log using rsyslog and collector-sidecar from 2 differents subnets for exemple : and My graylog server is set only on the subnet.
I got only 1 node of Graylog server 2.2 and 1 node elasticsearch 2.4.4. They are installed on 2 differents VM with centos 7.1 minimal. Firwalld and Selinux are disabled.

To gather log from both subnet I need to set up the gateway on the graylog server but when I set it up, the GUI get very very slow, almost unusable. Also, (in the graylog GUI) the heap space bar monitoring of the elasticsearch node doesn’t show up anymore and I got a message saying the API isn’t usable.
Nevertheless, the job is partially done. Message from both subnet are stored in the elasticsearch base.
Maybe something wrong on the graylog network configuration that may work on one plateform but the other?
Any clue that could help me with my investigation?

Thanks in advance!


if you start sharing your configuration, the graylog server.conf and your network setup, maybe topped with some graylog server.log information it might be possible that someone helps you.

without that, the answer is yes.

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