Sending Nginx log to graylog

HI everyone. I have 2 server. 1st server is Ngnix logs, 2nd is graylog server. How i can send directly Ngnix logs to graylog?

he @Uporaba

you can use a content pack like this: and configure the logging like described in the readme.

The other option would be to use a log collector like filebeats to read the log file and deliver it to Graylog.

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@jan Okay i set .json file in contentpacks and edit nginx.conf on 1st server but i haven’t metrics in search. image

But data are send on 2nd server image

you need to check if your nginx is sending the data proper, if that comes in at graylog and if that is processed by graylog.

Okay i solved this problem, now i don’t understand how i can change log format who output in graylog i changed nginx.conf and changes don’t save.

would you please rephrase your question - I do not understand what your issue is.

Nothing. I solved all problems,thanks.

Sharing your solution might help others (or yourself) in the future.


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