Send alert to nagios

Is there any way to send alert to nagios ?
i have graylog 4 and want to send alert to nagios core version 3.

Check if one of the plugins suits you.

We use it in opposite direction. nagios/cheeck_mk output (syslog) to graylog and make
graylog do the alerts (SMS) :slight_smile:

I would suggest that the easiest and most robust way to report out to Nagios is to use the Script callout notification. Put an appropriate bash script on the Graylog node, have the alert call the script, the script contains an api call to Nagios. :ok_hand:

If Nagios can receive syslog you can use our plugin: GitHub - airbus-cyber/graylog-plugin-logging-alert: Alert notification plugin for Graylog to generate log messages from alerts

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