Securing elasticsearch with auth for graylog


I’m following the setup guide here,

When you secure your Elasticsearch with User Authentication you need to add credentials to the Graylog configuration to be able to use the secured Elasticsearch cluster with Graylog.

Now that x-pack has been deprecated, what are my options? do i need to subscribe to ‘Elastic Stack’ ?



I can understand your frustration.
X-Pack requires the default distribution and can not be installed as a plugin on the OSS version.
I believe this is more on the Elasticsearch side then it is from Graylog.

Maybe this might have answers for you.

Hope this helps

thanks @gsmith .
after much struggle, i finally got it up.

i find the elasticsearch docs confusing.
or maybe i just have difficulty understanding it.


Nice :slight_smile:
I agree about elasticsearch documents I think we all do.

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