Search with regex for a numeric field

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I currently have microsoft IIS logs shipping into Graylog with extractors for each field. What I’m looking for is a way to search for something like:

source:iis-vm-abc AND _exists_c-ip AND NOT sc-status:a{200,399}

I’m basically look for:

Logs are from IIS abc
The public source IP exists
The sc-status isn’t a 200-399 response (I’m after 400 -> 599)

Any idea how I can regex the last bit?


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It depends how you have seperated the information into single fields and if those fields are saved as number or string.

Number search would be easy ( ) and would be the prefered option.

What is your elasticsearch mapping for the fields you search in?

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Thank you,

It’s a number field. my nxlog config is as follows:

I’ll take a look at the guide and see if I can get it to work

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Perhaps I have it wrong? Current error:

  • Can only use regexp queries on keyword and text fields - not on [sc-status] which is of type [long]

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