Search issue with same terms

(Davide Pala) #1

Hi all,
Just a question about an issue that i’ve found in search. If i launch this search: winlogbeat_event_data_RelativeTargetName:“DOCUMENTAZIONE ISO\VARIE\ISO9001_2008\REGISTRAZIONI” i don’t receive any result, but if i search DOCUMENTAZIONE ISO\VARIE\ISO9001_2008\REGISTRAZIONI i found the correct events … the first search is generated by click on magnifier in the realted field of the event … i see that if the search is winlogbeat_event_data_RelativeTargetName:“DOCUMENTAZIONE ISO\\VARIE\\ISO9001_2008\\REGISTRAZIONI” it work correctly … graylog not add automatically the escape character into the double quoted strings with special character inside. It’s a bug?

(Jochen) #2

Yes, please create a bug report at

(system) #3

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