Search backends via the API

GL 4.2.7

GET /system/authentication/services/backends

the swagger page shows the ability to provide pagination parameters of the form

urn:jsonschema:org:graylog2:rest:PaginationParameters {
  per_page (integer, optional),
  query (string, optional),
  sort_by (string, optional),
  page (integer, optional),
  order (string, optional)

how the hell do I use the query param? I want to GET all the backends with a very specific title.

in the admin UI, I see a search box but it flat out doesn’t work…just changes the button to “Loading” and never filters / searches anything

The swagger page always responds with

  "type": "ApiError",
  "message": "HTTP 415 Unsupported Media Type"

very frustrating…


I just tested this out on the Open and Enterprise/Operations Graylog version 4.3.
Received the same results.
Without using the Parameter I do get all my results so I’m not sure why it does not work, perhaps post this issue here.

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