Saved search name not visible on menu/Search dashboard

When in form Search of Graylog (main menu Search item), and loading a saved search with Load button, I cannot see the name of the loaded saved search anywhere in the Search form. I was expecting something like a title, or similar, to indicate the name of the last loaded saved search.

This creates some confusion In case of two or more saved searches that may be very similar to each other - for ex on testing a new copy of something.

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When you go to save the SEARCH did you configure the title?


EDIT: Have you tried adjusting how many you want shown? Also do you have permission on all the saved searches? This would be the “Share” button.


Thank you @gsmith

I did save the search, and did gave a title before that. And I did several ones, and can load them at wish.

The problem is: when I load any saved search its name I can find nowhere in the SEARCH page. As a developer, having multiple similar saved-searches, opening them in different tabs simultaneously, while not seeing who is who - makes work difficult and leads to eventual errors.


Could you explain or show what you mean in further detail?

I see, There are no tabs in saved search’s only in the dashboard/s where you store multiple save search’s. We use saved search’s for a quick convince, then migrate them to a dashboard.

hello @gsmith

“different tabs” - I was talking for client browser (firefox, chrome), and not for the absence of tab feature for dashboards in the Search form. In this later - Graylog Search form - the problem is that the name of the last loaded saved-search is not visible anywhere.


I see now, The only way I can Identify what Saved Search is loaded would be by clicking the load tab and its highlighted.

Or on the left side pane, you can see what saved search your on as shown below.

Other then that your right, There isn’t a quick visible way to identify what Save Search.

thank you very much @gsmith for the correct answer.
On must click on the arrrow > sign on the bar on the left of Search form. The pane will open and the name of the loaded saved-search is on top. And - in case too long - on mouse-over a hint will display and show the full name. This is enough to let me know which saved-search I am working on.

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