Role data from AD is not saved

Hello! I have 3 active directories of the group: one for the administration and two others for developers. When people come in from one of these groups, they are not granted rights to view the streams. if I assign a role to my hands, then after relogin, the role flies out, but if I give him an admin group, then everything is OK.

not sure what your problem is, but when you use LDAP for authentication you need to create a group mapping from AD to Graylog groups - if that is not given the default group in Graylog is added.

no i have this:

But when a person comes in with a second AD group from this list, he does not have the role indicated in this group. He is given a standard reader.

So you have the following groups in your AD:

  • Group-A
  • Group-B
  • Group-C

When a user belongs to one of the Groups all is working fine. But when the user has two groups of that list he does not get only the default user and not any of the groups.

Is that correct?

Without knowing how you have configured your LDAP, the settings in Graylog I doubt that someone can help you.

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