Regular expression


I need help to find a regular expression.

NG_Firewall[]: 1531920798 1 xxxxx dddddd [ toto ]

I need to obtain result betwin character [ ]
How can i do ?


Please provide more than 1 example for the messages you’re trying to process.
It’s very likely that a regular expression matching that single example you gave won’t match any other messages.

Maybe you could also use some pre-defined Grok patterns simplify extracting the information you’re looking for.

Hello. Sorry for my english i don’t speak it well. I have the same problem. i’m looking for a regex to extract a value. I have a field containing informations in this form:

What: \\dossier1\path\to\a\file.txt
What: \\dossier2\path2\to2\a2\file2.txt
What: \\dossier3\path3\to3\a3\file3.txt

I will like to extract the values “dossier1”, “dossier2” and “dossier3” in another field but can’t find a good regex. Can you help me please?


French too :slight_smile:
Maybe you can use “split & index” extractor.
Your Split by can be “” character


\ character sorry :slight_smile:

if i use \ character for “split & index” i extracts either “What:” or “\dossier1\path\to\a\file.txt”.
if there is a another mean to use split & index please inform me.

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