Regular exception MAC address

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i would need parse this MAC address 00-24-D7-75-AF-6C to this string 0024D775AF6C, because i need to search by MAC address, which give me the DHCP log and in dhcp is this without the “-”.

I tried possible ways with regular exception like this (([0-9A-Fa-f][^-]*)), but none works

does anyone know how to do it?


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please is there any options, how to parse MAC address (00-24-D7-75-AF-6C) without the this character"-"?
i know there is the option to separate by “-”, but if i use this option i must create 6 new fields and I do not want this.
i tried “replace with regular exception”, but without any progress.
could you give me an advice please,how could that be done?

I do not know what to set up in field “replacement”

Thanks for help.


just leave the replacement field empty. And regex wuold be -
And check replace all occurrences of the pattern.

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i can not leave the field “replacement” empty :(.

is there another option to do this?



You could try this as the regex




as the replacement

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you are the best bro,

Thank you so much!!

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