Regex's extractor doesn't going well

Hey there I need ur help plssss :)), I’ve tried to make an extractor to extract my fortigate’s logs using regex. I want to grep value of crlevel field with any criteria, but in the preview it’s just crlevel with “high” value is noted (there’s 4 type of value, it’s “critical”, “high”, “medium”, “low”). So it’s all, I wish someone can help me solve this problem. There’s the pict included based on preview.
extractor :

“title”: “FortiGate Severity”,
“extractor_type”: “regex”,
“converters”: ,
“order”: 0,
“cursor_strategy”: “copy”,
“source_field”: “message”,
“target_field”: “FGT_Severity”,
“extractor_config”: {
“regex_value”: “crlevel=\"(\w+)\"”
“condition_type”: “none”,
“condition_value”: “”
“version”: “5.0.3”

Have your tried this? This regex should extract the value of the “crlevel” field: crlevel="(\w+)" .

I hope this helps.

Yes, I have. but it’s still the same, its just grep “high” value for crlevel, and the others considered as empty value which is actually have another value like “critical” and “medium”

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I hve Fortigate Firewalls

Are you trying to Graph the “LEVEL” (i.e, “critical”, “high”, “medium”, “low”) on the Graph? If this is correct here is mine.


Here it is with a pie chart.


Not sure what you did. Looks like your exetracting the Level Info into a field and displaying it, Is this correct?

Example, here part of the log file

subtype=“local” level=“notice” vd=“The-Lab” eventtime=1675808723 srcip= srcport=138 srcintf=“”


I barely seen this in the picture.
What happens when you remove the command in the search bar? shown here


The reason i ask is if the field is already create to extrac the LEVEL info then that all you need to create you widget.

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