Received log in 1 mesages!

hi everyone,

I would like to know if graylog allows a complete log to be received in 1 message? .

I want to have a single log per app. and not have it in parts, but in a single message all the logs. it’s possible ?

Many many many thanks ,

Hi everyone,

I don’t know how to solve my problem. In the messages section. I need the entire log to arrive. not just a line. they told me that with the new version 3.2.6 it could be done . its possible ?

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Please describe more, what you want to archive…

You want to separate application logs? So you only see logs from app1, app2 separately? If so, try to use Streams.

Or do you want to see only message field (without fields source)? If so, edit widget with down arrow in right corner of widget All messages click Edit in section FIELDS remove all fields, and add message, also uncheck Show messages in new row

Hi ,

what I need is that from a single message I get the complete log. Now I get the log messages but I need the complete log in just 1 message, is it possible?

Many many thanks.

You can still use CSV export, click down arrow icon in right hand side of widget All messages and select Export to CSV select fields to export (message/full_message) and click Start Download. This way you can export all messages to one file. It’s enought?

hi Shoothub,

Yes, it’s perfect.

Many many many thanks,

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