Receive Windows event logs from a remote windows-like server

Hi, in my environment I have a Dell EMC Unity File Server that generates audit logs as windows events: it creates an .evt file locally that can be viewed using “Connect to remote computer” function of windows event viewer.
Is there a way to forward these event logs to Graylog? I can not install nxlog agent on the file server because it it does not have a Windows operating system onboard; as far as I know windows events is the only audit log format for that File Server, so I was wondering if there is a way to use a real Windows Server as a “bridge”: Unity File Server forwards event logs to a Windows server, that forwards logs to graylog using nxlog agent. Do you think it is possible?

If you can forward the events from the UFS to a Windows server using WEF then yes, you should then be able to just use nxlog to ship the events into your Graylog instance from there,

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