Reading log files in graylog2

I have a graylog2 version 4.2.6 on ubuntu. I have a server with all other servers log.
it’s all normal linux log files.
All log is under /log_data in new server.
How to send this log to graylog.

You can use Graylog sidecar which manages the Elasticsearch Beats or the NXlog client on the server you are sending the logs from. Here is another post with a video on how that works.

ok. thanks. look like it’s working. Can graylog read all my old custom log. with format name.log.tar.gz
or should i untar it?

You will need to untar. :smiley:

for always or if i untar and it read on graylog, Then i can compress it igen.

Just long enough to read it in - once you read it in it will be stored in Elasticsearch.

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