Questions: Why hourly cpu peaks ?

Hello, I have 5 graylogs servers running on virtual machines on different hypervisors. Each Graylog have a single Input defined and receive logs without stop. Server will have a cpu peak every hour, coming from a ~5% cpu usage and peaking to ~25/35% cpu usage:

The VMs have these specs:

Debian 10 64bits
6 CPU / 8G RAM
MongoDB standalone 4.2.17
Single node Elasticsearch-OSS 7.10.2 (-Xms2g -Xmx2g)
Graylog 4.1.7 using these importants parameters:


I’m wondering why is there those hourly CPU peaks, what could be done to not have thoses (or a least decrease their intensity), and if there is some maintenance option/configuration that could be changed related to this ?

Thanks for reading.


Need to ask a couple questions.

  • I’m assuming those configurations are in graylog configuration file?

  • Then under System/Indices does it show the same settings?

  • Have you checked or Tailed you log files ( i.e. Elasticsearch and Graylog) when this occurs?

  • Did you use TOP and/or HTOP and monitor when this happens? you should see what using so much CPU.

  • Do you have Elasticsearch and Graylog on the same node?

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