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I understand that you have made in-depth modifications to the Alerts/Events in v3.1.0 (Changelog “Add new alerts and events system.”).

I’m running v3.3.0 and I don’t see anymore
– alert state (resolved, unresolved)
– how to drill-down into a specific alert
– how to auto refresh the alerts/events list (not sure if it was possible before).

Do you have any plan to bring that back ?

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he @FranckB

the concept has been changed - you would now create one event to trigger some kind of alerting and the benefit is now that you can trigger a second alert when that first is no longer given. That was before not possible.

The drill down is possible in the overview and before it was no auto-refresh page and so it is not currently.

But alerts are events/messages now in Graylog so you could include information from that in a dashboard, like live numbers of alerts/events for example.

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for this update.

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