Question about Graylog nodes and processing logs

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I added second node to Graylog. From Nodes view i can see that “There are 2 active nodes.”
But i can also see that both nodes have identical In and Out msg/s per node and divided equally if i check In and Out numbers from the top right corner.
Dumb question, but is that normal behavior?
Is second node actually processes logs?

Hi there,

In order for folks in the community to assist, it generally helps if you post your configuration or any screenshots. As it stands we have no idea if your 2nd node is running the same inputs or not, or if you’ve got the nodes behind a reverse proxy that isn’t configured correctly. The more information you provide in this case, the better folks can help.

Here is image from Input

Hello && Welcome

Unfortunately that is inadequate amount a data to help us, help you.
Maybe this might help.

  • Operating system information
  • Package versions
  • Service logs
  • Configuration files
  • Environment variables such as Input’s, Extractors, Pipelines, etc…

Basically how is your environment configured.
This may help understand a little more.

Hope that helps

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