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We are learning and researching on Graylog, and hoping that Graylog can meet our needs on logs management. One requirement we have is tagging logs and then query with the tags and also show the results on the dashboard. By reading this (Tags - Am I missing it?), I understand that tagging can be achieved by using Field, and multiple tags can be added by using Array of fields.

I’d like to ask:

  1. f querying by an array of fields?
  2. Is it possible to query by an array of fields using the dashboard?

Any comments/pointers/blog appreciated. Thanks.

he @skwokie

processing, normalizing log messages is one of the key features of Graylog. That includes adding additional information to logs. Every field can be queried/searched. Because every action in Graylog is based on searches, you can add this information to a dashboard.

You might want to check the Graylog ressources:

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Thanks, Jan. They are some good info and they help me get more familiar with Graylog. To learn more, what is the next stop that you’d suggest? Thanks.

I would suggest:

  1. First check documentation, and try to play with it
  2. Check webinars
  3. And also blog posts from Tech Series are great:
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