Query for consecutive event from same user


I want to create events for say, consecutive failed login from the same user, so i would use the query,

gl2_source_input: AND EventID:4771

And I would set search frequency, and Create Events for Definition if…‘Aggregation of results reaches a threshold’.

But how would I specify that these events are from the same user?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks,


The first specific source next user (IP) and etc *
only must know hierarchy query in graylog

hi bahram,

Ok, either IP or username would work for my purpose, but how do I specify , username=‘const’, i.e, username remains the same for a particular set of events.

And I don’t want it for specific user. I want to know if a particular number of event occur from ‘any’ same user.

Couldn’t find that in the documentation or other community posts. Any help appreciated!!

Thank you.


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