Processed apache logs to provide clickable links to related messages (by user, resource, etc)

Hi - Is it possible to process an incoming Apache log message and configure its view to present a link to similar messages either by, for example, same user ID (a custom field in my log), Apache process ID, or resource requested?

Use case

When an interesting log message shows, I want to be able to easily see other log messages pertaining to that same user. Effectively, this could be a “click path”.

It could be pretty similar to the function we already get when we click the “(+)” magnifying glass icon in a Quick View graph which pre-populates the Search field with a related term.

with the current vanilla Graylog this is not possible. But he have the fantastic community that provides add ons and help.
I’ll shout out to @billmurrin for his slookup plugin ( ) that might help you. Yes it is not exactly what you are looking for - but maybe it will give you another way to reach your goal.

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