Problem with time out with node

Hello everyone. I have a problem that information about one node disappears from time to time. Everything seems to be working correctly, I don’t see any errors in the logs. But this error occurs when I want to see what’s wrong with node.

Getting plugins on node “xxxxxxx” failed: FetchError: There was an error fetching a resource: Internal Server Error. Additional information: timeout

This error occurs every minute, and sometimes it changes the state of the node. The cluster has 2 greylog servers and 5 elasticsearch servers. I checked the availability of everyone, from each server. But I can’t find the error.

OS - Debian 11
Graylog Server - 5.2.4-1
Elasticsearch - 7.10.2

This most often happens when the nodes cant reliably communicate with each other, what are your settings for publish and external uri on both nodes?

on slave node and master nodes the same they are communicate by externals ip

$ cat /etc/graylog/server/server.conf | grep "http_bind_address"
$ cat /etc/graylog/server/server.conf | grep "http_publish_uri"
# Default: $http_publish_uri
$ cat /etc/graylog/server/server.conf | grep "http_external_uri"
#http_external_uri =

As far as I understand, which parameter can be increased is related to the timeout. Sometimes it just doesn’t have time to open information about the node.
I checked the tcpmdump. There are no problems with the network. I think it has to do with performance maybe.

The problem is on the master node. When I turn off the slave, the problem disappears.

The error was related to the http_bind_address parameter. This parameter was configured to, and due to the fact that both hosts have the same docker subnet - the REST API transport address was the same.

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