Problem with "=" in base64_decode

I have two string in base64 encode:

At the first string I have “=” , but don’t have in second.
When I decode firs line - I get error In call to function 'base64_decode' at 18:23 an exception was thrown: Unrecognized character: =. If you decode it in the linux console, the problem doesn’t occur.
When decode second string i don’t have this error.
What I can do with this problem ?

It’s probably problem of input data. Graylog follows RFC 4648 for base64, but your string contains = in middle of string (which is not allowed in middle, but only at the end of string = padding).

This is correct base64 string which works, and return same encoded data:


Thank you. At first time, i joined two word and then decoded. Now i decode and then join. All words decoded.

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