Problem with blank field in grok pattern

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with a grok pattern when I have to extract a value that sometimes could be “blank” or “R”.

  • Example message: (with value R)
    11/03/2021 14:02:59 1350 PACKET 000001A13A5BF570 UDP Rcv 5e4c R Q [8081 DR NOERROR] A (9)googleads(1)g(11)doubleclick(3)net(0)

  • Example message: (blank field)
    11/03/2021 14:15:11 134C PACKET 000001A137513D50 UDP Rcv 8bd2 Q [0001 D NOERROR] A (3)ssl(7)gstatic(3)com(0)

My grok pattern: (it is incomplete because I have this problem)


WINDNS_QUERYRESP pattern? I tested a lot examples like:

  • (?)
  • (\s+R\s+ \s+)
  • (\s+R\s+ \s+)

But I have no idea how to proceed. The actual result is:

You can see that is not putting the “R” in the field named “DNS_QueryResp”. Anyone can help me? Thank you in advance!

Hi @amendoza

Never worked with grok pattern before, so I’m not pretty sure if it have full support to regular expressions, but I cut a little piece of your examples and changed your regex a little bit to make it work:

[a-z0-9]{1,}([R ]{1,})?Q

This regex will work in both scenarios:
5e4c R Q
8bd2 Q

I just don’t know how to fit my example in your grok pattern :sweat_smile:

Really hope it helps.

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Thanks for your answer, but it does not work.

My first field could be “blank” or “R”, and the next field could be “Q”,“N”,“U” or “?”.

So I need something like: ?{1} on my first field

So I have to consider the space field that could be empty or R.

Something like this?

Hi, based on you comment, I changed the regex to be like:

[a-z0-9]{1,}([R ]{1,})?[QNU?]

Give it a try and see if it helps.

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