PiHole with Graylog



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Built and based off of der eigene dns resolver (zuhause), your own dns resolver (at home) by Jan Doberstein. Includes setting GeoIP, so ensure you download the current City db from Maxmind, and install the current Threat intelligence content packs. A seperate input is established to collect only pihole syslog traffic.

Syslog requirements

syslog-ng Best option, simple and only sends pihole data

#apt install syslog-ng -y
#vi /etc/syslog-ng/conf.d/10-pihole.conf
source s_pihole_log { file("/var/log/pihole.log"); };
destination d_graylog {udp("server.ip" port(1515)); };
log { source(s_pihole_log); destination(d_graylog); };