OS Choice for Graylog Enterprise

Hi All,

As we are heading for Graylog Enterprise we are curious what OS you all would recommend.

Our current system (1.x en 2.x version) is based on Centos-6 and we ore known to that operating system as we use it for all of our monitoring system (aka nagios/check mk). Graylog and ES shall be running in a virtual environment.

Our choice now would be Centos 8 Stream, for being very close to CentOS and OS dependency
for graylog is not huge for mainly being depend on and running as Java.

Default Java on CentOS is supported by Graylog.

We’ve been using ubuntu 20.04 with no issues whatsoever.

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Hello @Arie,

For what it’s worth the OVA uses Ubuntu server. We use Ubuntu server and it works well, as expected. However based on the documentation you should be able to use CentOS without issue.


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We have moved from CentOS to Ubuntu 20. I agree with @H2Cyber no problems.

@Arie as someone who will be supporting you soon (I’m looking forward to it!), I can say that GLE is supported across a wide range of OSes and we have customers using pretty much every Linux flavor under the sun. So whatever you’ve already standardized on internally is very likely a solid choice for GLE.

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Just an FYI
CentOS 8 was supposed to be supported till 2029 but it is now forced discontinued by the end of 2021.


That is correct, but now rocky linux just came out and it is the same old thing and supported til 2029, just like redhat is.

Thanks Aaron,

As things are moving now the best thing for us is Rocky Linux that just came out. Not only our monitoring systems are based on that, but a new upcoming enterprise landscape shall be running on it.

There seems already to be paid for enterprise, and we shall be building our systems and network now. There already has been contact between sales and support, and very nice tho seats for courses.

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