Official graylog helm chart that I should use

Hi Everyone,

I just checked the helm charts for graylog and found two charts here: I am going to take a guess that the most recently updated chart is supported by graylog? By supported, is this community supported or if I get an enterprise license I get support from graylog itself?


Howdy @wunderbread, I’m not aware of us publishing a Helm chart (see, so from what I can tell of that particular chart it’s a community written chart and thus community supported. That said, if you require in-depth support for running Graylog on a container platform, my recommendation would be to purchase an enterprise license. If that’s a conversation you want to have with our sales folk, I’m happy to make an introduction. I’ll also note that there seems to be quite a few folks here in the community using some sort of container platform, so there may well be some experienced operators who can help with any issues you have with the chart.

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