Notification - received all but not the last one

Hello everyone,

Notifications are working and I receive all messages but not the last one.
It’s like the last message is buffered and when a new one is coming graylog sends last but one. For example: in alertlog I have ORA-1, ORA-2, ORA-3 and i receive notification for ORA1, ORA-2 but not for ORA-3. When ORA-4 is written in alertlog I receive notification for ORA-3 and so on.
I see them in stream and in /var/lib/graylog-server/journal/messagejournal-0/00000000000000000218.log but notification for last message is not triggered.

There are no errors in graylog server or any other component.
Any thoughts? Please help! Thank you!

Graylog 3.3.6
Sidecar Version 1.0.2
Elasticsearch version number: 6.8.11
mongod --version db version v4.4.0

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