No login button visible to access api browser

Dear community,

After many hours of configuration, I can start Graylog service.
Next, I want to route to swagger page by routing to /api/api-browser/ following the document in official website.
I don’t login button visible to click login.

Version Graylog: 4.3.13


Hello @NouPhanith

Out of interest why did you decide to go with version 4.3 of Graylog when the current release is 5.2?

Does developer tools within your browser offer any further insight into the issue?

Hello @Wine_Merchant ,
I do forget to mention that I am running it on VM Ubuntu version 22 that mongo version 4 is applicable. So I need to downgrade from current release 5.2 to 4.3.

My issue was resolved after I had stopped and run it again.
Moving to UAT testing, I would go with version 5.2.

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