Nginx content pack

Could someone please advise me on what version of Nginx content pack to use for Graylog 4.0. I am not using docker for Nginx.

Updated for Graylog 3.0+ NGINX JSON Content Pack link on Graylog Market Place seems to be broken.

Can I use the one available with docker and skip the docker part of the configuration?



I just check the Market and did not see anything that was compatible with Version 4.0. There were some changes from version 3.3 to 4.0 they may have broken that content pack.

I’m not sure Docker works like that, but creating your own Content pack for Nginx is possible.

@gsmith Thanks for your reply. Could you please show me any example? I have no idea how to create content packs.


How do I create a Content Pack

Thanks, that will need some brainstorming. Sad that there is no updated versions available in Graylog marketplace.

Would anyone have any idea if they will be fixing the issues in existing ones?

Can you link to the content pack you’re referring to please? If it’s a community content pack (e.g., not maintained by Graylog) then you’ll need to reach out to the maintainer to see if they plan on supporting 4.0.

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I am able to install the content pack from the above link. The inputs looks like below:

The only concern I am having right now is those highlighted values showing static fields. I am going to tell my IT team to send logs now. Will see if it is working as expected.

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