Need help here: Setup alert if log file is not updating

How can I make Graylog to Alert me if logfile in question is not updating?
Any way to achieve that?

Thank you in advance

Hello @Ashirwad,

Do you mean an alert if you have not received a log message from a source in a given amount of time? What exactly are the parameters you want to define?

@Ashirwad I’ll echo @ttsandrew 's comment–knowing your needs would be useful here. Honestly though, this would fall more squarely in a classic monitoring use case. Graylog doesn’t have the means to actively monitor a file on the filesystem. You could use something like the content pack here: Graylog Knowledge Base - Content Pack - Event Source Not Sending Logs to see if a source isn’t sending data. But checking the status of a file is beyond Graylog’s capabilities.

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