Multiple inputs for microservice architecture

If we create multiple inputs and every input will have unique port . Can these ports be dynamically allocated that is we don’t need to keep it static in logback files in sping boot java.

I’m not sure what you mean, once you’ve set up an input, you’ve allocated a port to it already in the setup. If you want dynamic allocation, you will have to roll some home-grow script to talk to the Graylog API to launch an input on-demand with a given port number.

Yes I need dynamic allocation .
Is there any list of API’s available for graylog . Let me google API’s faciliated .

Easiest way is to install graylog and use the built-in api browser to browse and play with it to see if it fits your needs.

here you can config the inputs.
But as @benvanstaveren mentioned the api-browser helps a lot with the parameters.
Also you can do some at the WUI, and check the result thru api .

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